gore gore  /ˈɡɔr/


  1. (n) Vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)
  2. (n) coagulated blood from a wound
  3. (n) a piece of cloth that is generally triangular or tapering; used in making garments or umbrellas or sails
  4. (n) the shedding of blood resulting in murder
  5. (v) wound by piercing with a sharp or penetrating object or instrument
  6. (v) cut into gores


  1. Frank Gore Finds Motivation in Skeptics

    Gore is coming off two consecutive 1,200-plus yard rushing seasons for San Francisco Photo Credit: Getty Images
    on June 14, 2013     Source: NBC Bay Area

  2. Al Gore: Joe Biden Says He Was Elected President, Gore Calls Koch Brothers ‘Dirtiest’

    Al Gore was elected president, according to Vice-President Joe Biden in a comment Tuesday that’s still making some waves. Meanwhile, Al Gore himself has gone on another attack against the Koch Brothers, who the former Bill Clinton second-in-command has accused of being “purveyors of the dirtiest energy on earth.” Joe Biden introduced Al Gore at [...] Al Gore: Joe Biden Says He Was Elected ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Inquisitr

  3. Gore couple for the birds

    These baby parrots will be taken care of by Andy and Jane Jorgensen of Gore. The Jorgensens rescue and care for adult parrots but sell all offspring to offset the $500 a month feed bill.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Muskogee Phoenix

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