golden-brown golden-brown


  • (adj) of brown tinged with gold


  1. Church calls it compensation, but you and I might know it as the lip-licking anticipation of perfectly salted, golden-brown French fries after a hard trip to the gym.
  2. The furry, golden-brown, short-tailed rodent is a serious rival to the guinea pig.
  3. When final examinations were over the graduating class filed into the ornate, golden-brown sandstone Cathedral.


  • Mandy's Pizza owner Steve Negri takes his gluten- and allergen-free recipes seriously

    "I know how important it is that people suffering from allergies get to eat food that tastes good." by Charlie Deitch The Italian hoagie that I'm sharing with Mandy's Pizza owner Steve Negri is fantastic, but it's the crisped, golden-brown roll that deserves a special shout-out. The roll — made at a local bakery using Negri's recipe — has been made for food-allergy sufferers.… [ Read more ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Pittsburgh City Paper

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