go all out go all out


  • (v) perform a task as well as possible


  1. If you go all out to blitz him, he'll eat you alive.
  2. On Korea, Truman also refused to go all out for victory.
  3. As if 1993 never happened and the smartest move in this process wouldn't be to get pharma not to go all out against the kind of reform they successfully killed last time.


  • Two MLB General Managers Who Need Big Trade-Deadline Deals to Save Their Jobs

    Time may be running out on some veteran general managers who are reaching a critical point in what could end up as their last season on the job. These situations could create a conflict of interest with the general managers, understandably, wanting to go all out to win now while the organization might not be willing to mortgage the future.    In any case, here are two general managers who'll ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

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