glycerine glycerine


  • (n) a sweet syrupy trihydroxy alcohol obtained by saponification of fats and oils



  1. Water solutions of the detergent were only mildly effective, so the researchers tried solutions of detergents in propylene glycol, which is a sort of thin glycerine.
  2. In that vial, he explained to his friends, there was some nitro-glycerine.
  3. A by-product of soap is glycerine.


  • 'Eco' Coal Pellets to Help Poland Cut Emissions

    Ninety percent of Poland's electricity is generated by coal-fired power stations. These carbon pellets are made from coal, but also include non-polluting biofuel components like glycerine and other plant materials. Called VARMO pellets, their creators at a company called Polski Koks, say they could actually help the country lower its carbon emissions. And new projects director Gerard Galeczka ...
    on March 6, 2014     Source:


  1. "I think arsenic and nitro-glycerine would have been more appropriate," Mr Shadbolt said.
    on Jun 15, 2008 By: Tim Shadbolt Source:

  2. "I remember working on another movie where I was supposed to feel some emotion and explode in tears and they had to get these glycerine things to blow in your eyes to make you tear up because it seemed so phoney," Wilson says. "This movie, I...
    on Dec 23, 2008 By: Owen Wilson Source: The Age

  3. "During the start-up of the EPICEROL production unit, the process to produce Epichlorohydrin from glycerine, Emerson's AMS Device Manager ensured the complete automation system, including DeltaV, were configured right the first time, allowing us to...
    on Jun 8, 2009 By: Andrea Source: Reliable Plant Magazine

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