girlishness girlishness


  • (n) being characteristic of a girl


  1. She can accelerate from simpering girlishness to looming monstrosity with head-spinning -- possibly Oscar- winning -- speed.
  2. The larky girlishness of the early Nora is always a bit of a problem, but Miss Bloom manages to be a trifle giddy without appearing inane.
  3. Helped by an absolutely uncut version of Donizetti's score, she progressed from matter-of-fact girlishness through angry submission to a raging, cataclysmic Mad Scene.


  • How to create Rodarte’s romantic braided hair with a rose bun

    Posted in Fashion / Fashion blog / Hair & hairstyles / Hairstyles Braided hairstyles are always in; 2013?s hair trends proving no exception. They’re relatively easy to do, they keep everything in place, and the can transform a look whether with their slick sophistication, their girlishness or their bohemian romance. And once in a while we spot a braid upgrade that truly captures our eyes and ...
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  • "Her image wasn't just about youth. It was about giddy girlishness," Basinger says. "If you define yourself that way, you can't be a girlish, ditzy, middle-aged woman."
    on Feb 17, 2005 By: Jeanine Basinger Source: USA Today

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