geta geta


  • (n) footwear usually with wooden soles



  1. But most of the buildings razed have been scabrous shanties along the narrow, unnamed streets trod by geta-ed feet which comprise most of Tokyo's byways.
  2. She's also taken to wearing traditional Japanese wooden sandals, or geta, with blue jeans.
  3. Before retiring, guests often walk around the grounds in their robes and geta--old wooden shoes that go clack-clack through the quiet streets where ryokan are usually located.



  • But, LaSorda said: "The [DaimlerChrysler] board now has to approve it andthen it goes to the chairman [Dieter Zetsche] for his approval. We hope to geta decision in no more than 60 days."
    on Jan 25, 2007 By: Tom LaSorda Source: Chicago Tribune

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