gatt gatt  /ˈɡæt/


  • (n) a United Nations agency created by a multinational treaty to promote trade by the reduction of tariffs and import quotas



  1. "The GATT and the WTO SPS Agreement preserve each country's sovereignty so that every government can ensure the safety of its citizens, and that includes food safety," Schwab said. "The United States recognizes that Article 20 of the GATT...
    on May 13, 2008 By: Susan Schwab Source: 조선일보(영문판)

  2. "The GATT and the WTO have not done all they could, particularly for developing countries," WTO Dierctor-General Pascal Lamy said in a press release.
    on Dec 4, 2007 By: Pascal Lamy Source: Xinhua

  3. "These are very complex negotiations, almost like the GATT negotiations that led to the creation of the World Trade Organisation," Juma said.
    on Jun 23, 2008 By: Calestous Juma Source: Independent Online

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