galvanometer galvanometer


  • (n) meter for detecting or comparing or measuring small electric currents


  1. In the back of the head, he inserted a similar needle, attached a galvanometer to both.
  2. One wire he attached to a battery, the other to a galvanometer.
  3. If the sound is at the most efficient level, the microphone current keeps a galvanometer balanced between two contacts.


  • Multiphoton Microscope offers deep-imaging solution.

    Designed for electrophysiology and optogenetics studies, Olympus FluoView FVMPE-RS combines resonance scanner with galvanometer scanner, capturing 512 x 32 images at 438 fps as well as 512 x 512 full-frame images at 30 fps without any reduction in field of view. System offers 4-axis auto-alignment capability, and multiphoton excitation at wavelengths of 1,300 nm, with ability to support ...
    on September 25, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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