gallus gallus  /ˈɡæ ləs/


  1. (n) elastic straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural)
  2. (n) common domestic birds and related forms



  1. Having spent two years ridding his state of the influences left by gallus-snapping Gene Talmadge, Governor Arnall jumped into the poll-tax battle with both feet.
  2. Concord's races attract a diverse crowd that includes one-gallus retirees, peroxide mountain mamas and lonely textile workers from the nearby Cannon Mills.
  3. The first political defeat in the earthy, cigar-chewing, gallus-wearing demagog's career, it sounded what most observers regarded as taps for Talmadge.


  • Tornado tragedy shines spotlight on storm chasers

    Over the past week, Iowa State University professor Bill Gallus has found himself facing the kind of questions only a veteran storm chaser like him could answer in the wake of tragedy that needed some explaining. Unfortunately, Gallus was almost at a loss when it came to the death of Tim Samaras.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Ames Tribune


  1. As Michael Pollan writes in his new book, "What is perhaps most troubling, and sad, about industrial eating is how thoroughly it obscures all these relationships and connections. To go from the chicken (Gallus gallus) to the Chicken McNugget is to...
    on Apr 8, 2006 By: Michael Pollan Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. "Wheesht. Gallus. Bissum," says Carol Smillie, listing her favourite Scots words.
    on Jul 12, 2008 By: Carol Smillie Source: Scotsman

  3. Aitken added: "In the dressing room before every match, they understand they need to give their best. They are not blasé about it. They are gallus [full of spirited swagger]. It's not arrogant, it's belief and desire."
    on Oct 15, 2007 By: Roy Aitken Source: Independent

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