frostbitten frostbitten  /f ˈrɔst ˌbɪ tən/


  • (adj) injured by freezing or partial freezing


  1. If the frostbitten tissue swells severely and blood flow is blocked, Mills sometimes makes a surgical incision to relieve pressure.
  2. Somebody who is the overseer of us all comes and gives me a slap on my frostbitten ear.
  3. Nobody was killed, maimed or even frostbitten during the British Everest Expedition of 1953.


  • Woodland edges Lady Panthers

    January in August? For five innings Friday, Barnsdall High School softball batters appeared to have frostbitten fingers against the deep-freeze pitching of the Woodland Lady Cougar hurler.
    on August 25, 2013     Source: Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise


  1. "I must have been frostbitten from the tip of my head to my toes," Sliwa recalled. "He was very cold -- very indifferent."
    on Apr 12, 2009 By: Curtis Sliwa Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

  2. "Once you get a little bit frostbitten then you are okay," Campbell joked.
    on Dec 31, 2008 By: Brian Campbell Source: USA Today

  3. "Go below, John," says Crozier. "And see Dr. McDonald about your face and fingers. I swear to God that if you've gotten seriously frostbitten again, I'll dock you a month's Discovery Service pay and write your mother to boot." "Yes,...
    on Dec 26, 2007 By: Francis Crozier Source: USA Today

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