fridge fridge  /f ˈrɪdʒ/


  • (n) a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor


  1. Just let the fridge know.
  2. Talk to your thermostat, surf from the toilet, phone your fridge Entertainment Music mixing as easy as logging on to a website and typing on a keyboard.
  3. The pilot program includes a networked fridgeoven, an Icebox Flipscreen entertainment center and a Whirlpool Conquest refrigerator equipped with a wireless Web tablet.


  1. Electric Bikes, Patio Sets, or a Wine Fridge: 10 Gifts You Didn't Know Staples has for Dad

    Electric Bikes, Patio Sets, or a Wine Fridge: 10 Gifts You Didn't Know Staples has for Dad
    on June 12, 2013     Source: CNW Group via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Old School Bakery brings a twisted transcendence

    Baked goods by Matthew Schniper Alicia Prescott has given me a chef's coat and rolling pin and set me to work over a flour-dusted cutting board, pressing a mound of pastry dough that's been patiently resting for two days in a fridge. Inside a restaurant menu-like trifold, which creates "little layers of goodness" that keep the dough from drying out, the Blue Star's executive pastry chef has ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Colorado Springs Independent

  3. ResLife to offer new rental program for dorm room fridges

    Unlike previous years, incoming students who plan to live on campus will no longer be offered a free mini-fridge for their dorm rooms.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Arizona Daily Wildcat


  1. Last night, Mr Kemp said: "Bed linen and a second DVD player was an error for which I apologise and will pay back. The second television was purchased in advance of moving to a new flat. The fridge and television were both for use in my London flat....
    on May 16, 2009 By: Fraser Kemp Source:

  2. "It got to the stage where it [the shoulder] was becoming looser and looser," Craig said. "There were times when it didn't come out, but it was starting to move on just some everyday living activities, if you like : opening the fridge or...
    on Sep 5, 2008 By: Neil Craig Source: The Canberra Times

  3. "Many of these ideas are frequently recommended by self-help experts but our results suggest that they simply don't work," Wiseman said. "If you are trying to lose weight, it's not enough to stick a picture of a model on your fridge or...
    on Dec 27, 2009 By: Richard Wiseman Source: The Guardian

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