fretwork fretwork


  • (n) framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal



  1. In Six Houses on Mound Street, 2006, with its stark cubes and fretwork of painted crosswalks, the workaday scene seems to be held in place by the guy-wires of some enigmatic order.
  2. But foot-scrapers, ornamental fretwork and wrought iron pipe are out of fashion and Reading has lost $4,000.
  3. While this normal fretwork of the politicians went on, the general himself calmly busied himself with the here and now.

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  1. It was, as travel writer Colin Thubron describes it, "a shifting fretwork of arteries and veins, laid to the Mediterranean."
    on May 23, 2007 By: Colin Thubron Source: Daily Reckoning - American Edition

  2. In Brideshead Revisited, the Chinese drawing room at Brides head Castle (a house built in the 1670s, Evelyn Waugh wrote) is a 1750s addition, "adazzle with gilt pagodas and nodding mandarins, painted paper and Chippendale fretwork".
    on Oct 16, 2008 By: Evelyn Waugh Source: New Statesman

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