free-thinking free-thinking


  • (adj) unwilling to accept authority or dogma (especially in religion)



  1. Unitarian Universalism is a centuries-old, free-thinking liberal religion that is guided by shared values rather than a particular dogma or creed.
  2. Beijing views this summer as its superpower debut, and the central government won't let separatists or free-thinking dissidents undermine its lockstep message.
  3. Son of an immigrant Russian-Jewish bookbinder, Emanuel Julius left school with a grammar school education, drifted around in the free-thinking Socialist currents of his time.


  • Smart Money Is Shorting The Japanese Yen

    By Smart Money I mean John Mauldin, President of Millenium Wave Investors, author of the free investment newsletter "Thoughts From the Front line" (which has a million followers), and author also of the best-selling "Endgame;The End of the Debt SuperCycle and How It Changes Everything." You can tell he's a free-thinking entrepreneur just by his eager willingness to offer his newsletter free. I ...
    on July 26, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "Mardi Gras reflects Sydney's vibrant and colourful personality," Firth said. "It showcases our diversity and free-thinking spirit to the world."
    on Feb 26, 2010 By: Verity Firth Source: AFP

  2. "I think the delegates are really independent," Rae, the second-place contender, said in a brief interview. "I think this is a really free-thinking group of people and every province is different, every riding is different, there's...
    on Nov 30, 2006 By: Bob Rae Source:

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