fraternisation fraternisation


  • (n) associating with others in a brotherly or friendly way; especially with an enemy


  1. "Such fraternisation with Dublin was once anathema - now being lauded by republican leaders, including the Sinn Fein leader in the Dail, is craved," Mr Allister said. "O'Neill, Faulkner and Trimble were vilified for far less, but now for 'nua...
    on Jun 9, 2010 By: Jim Allister Source: U.TV

  2. In response to this insurrection a leading member of the French Communist Party by the name of Jules Humbert-Droz said: "The right has protested against the watchword of fraternisation with the insurgent army in the Rif, by invoking the fact that...
    on Jan 23, 2008 By: Jules Humbert-Droz Source:

  3. "A horrible idea," Carion adds. "So horrible. I would never make a film about fraternisation in that war, even if it had happened."
    on Dec 16, 2005 By: Christian Carion Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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