forceps forceps  /ˈfɔr sɛps/


  • (n) an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)


  1. The doctor took a pair of forceps in his hand.
  2. At sight of the forceps, several women in the audience of 1,500, gathered around multiple sets, seemed about to faint.
  3. Her birth plan notes her objection to forceps and requests that if she needs stitches, she'd rather be sewn up by a doctor than a midwife.


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  1. "There won't be any yanking going on at all," Robinson said. "It will be a gentle pull with my hand. If that doesn't work, I have some forceps. I will give it a slightly more than gentle pull. If that doesn't work, I saw it off with a...
    on Aug 2, 2005 By: Stephen Robinson Source: Independent Online

  2. "The [partial-birth/IDX] procedure involves a doctor grabbing the legs of the fetus with forceps and dragging the body, except for the head, into the birth canal," said Fossella. "The doctor then inserts scissors into the back of the skull of...
    on Apr 26, 2007 By: Vito Fossella Source: The Brooklyn Graphic

  3. "Physicians reach into the cervix with forceps and crush the fetus' skull," Kennedy wrote in his painstakingly detailed opinion. "Others continue to pull the fetus out of the woman until it disarticulates at the neck, in effect decapitating...
    on May 27, 2007 By: Anthony Kennedy Source: Fresno Bee (registration)

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