foolscap foolscap


  • (n) a size of paper used especially in Britain


  1. He invariably wrote three or four drafts of every opinion in longhand on yellow foolscap before the language and reasoning finally satisfied him.
  2. An effervescent foolscap farceit's the real thing.
  3. Romano Guardini's hand was speeding its tiny writing over page after page of foolscap to complete his major work, a study of Dante, on which he has been laboring for some 40 years.


  • "This is a bloke, when he was our fitness bloke and an assistant coach, (he'd) take four foolscap pages to a meeting before we play an opposition because he's been studying them," Webcke said. "He's a very methodical coach who is very, very...
    on Sep 8, 2007 By: Shane Webcke Source: League HQ

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