fondu fondu


  1. (n) cubes of meat or seafood cooked in hot oil and then dipped in any of various sauces
  2. (n) hot cheese or chocolate melted to the consistency of a sauce into which bread or fruits are dipped



  1. Over crab fondue and London broil, they toasted the start of their spanking new bank.
  2. Leave it to Apple designers to take a cue from the makers of deep fryers and fondue pots.
  3. And the Sports ClubLA in New York City serves desserts like fudgy fruit fondue.


  • Front-door fondue

    The Swiss cheese fondue is served with cubed French bread, blanched broccoli, hunks of ham (you can opt for roasted fingerling potatoes if you’re vegetarian), cubes of apple, cocktail onions and gherkins.
    on February 19, 2014     Source: Vail Daily


  • Arthur said: "There is no way I am going to stop Gogoladze in Cardiff as easily as I blew away Potopko at the same place so I had a long telephone chat with Fondu who knows Gogoladze well, both personally and also from a technical boxing angle....
    on Jul 6, 2007 By: Alex Arthur Source: Scotsman

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