flirtatiously flirtatiously


  • (adv) in a flirtatious manner


  1. Up drove Edward Weissman, 19, a factory worker, who shouted flirtatiously at one of the girls.
  2. But it comes flirtatiously close to novelizing, a practice Keillor claims in a funny preface to have forsworn after one grotesquely bad unpublishable failure.
  3. A take-over type, he quickly gets himself invited to stay, while Jill giggles flirtatiously and March watches, wary and aloof.



  • "Each day," Katz writes, "the pair seems more companionable. Lenore looks for Brutus, and when she finds him, she sometimes challenges him to romp, occasionally rolling over and flirtatiously showing her belly. She isn't above giving his nose or ear...
    on Jun 28, 2008 By: Jon Katz Source: Baltimore Sun

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