flame-colored flame-colored


  • (adj) having the brilliant orange-red color of flames


  1. Having perused well the chronicle of the week, the Vigilant Patriot views with alarm: A voice like a trumpet and a flame-colored gown.
  2. Walking early and late to work at the store in Pedlar's Mill, Dorinda wore a flame-colored shawl, bright symbol of protest.
  3. The brilliance lasted eight or ten seconds, then broke into two clouds one brilliant blue, the other yellow and flame-colored.


  • The Gadget That Reaches Inside Your Dreams

    Duncan McCloud Frazier is flying over the Grand Canyon . Unencumbered by the inflexible bulk of skydiving gear, he has a clear view of the dazzling, flame-colored striations below him. He circles the shimmering waters of the Colorado River, diving closer to the deep fissures at will On a whim, he raises one hand in a sweeping gesture, like an orchestra conductor. Geological debris floats up from ...
    on November 18, 2013     Source: Mashable

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