fiver fiver


  • (n) a United States bill worth 5 dollars



  1. A Lady Godiva is still a fiver, A lost and found exactly a pound, A saucepan lid the same as a quid, And bees and honey, as ever, is.
  2. It is not recorded whether the little Queen gave so much as a fiver to her instructor.
  3. For a fiver, hundreds of Glaswegians did so.


  • In Fast Food, Five—As in $5—Is Now the Magic Number

    It’s not particularly complicated: $5 is a nice round, approachable, affordable-sounding number. At a time when popular fast-casual chains are pushing the average diner bill upward, the $5 price point is especially likely to get the attention of deal hunters. And that’s why fast food customers are seeing more and more of the fiver. Pizza Hut recently announced that in honor of its 55th ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: It's Your Money


  1. "We are bowling collectively good. I took a fiver in Brisbane, Nathan (Bracken) did it in Sydney. Johnson is proving to be a good back up. (James) Hopes, (Brad) Hogg, (Andrew) Symonds and (Michael) Clarke, we think we have good options in this...
    on Feb 9, 2008 By: Brett Lee Source: Hindustan Times

  2. "Zaheer had an extra yard up, but looking up at his speed it was quite normal. But he bent his back and hurried the batsmen up. He bowled extremely well and deserved this fiver," said Taylor who top-scored with a stodgy 42 in the home team's 197...
    on Apr 4, 2009 By: Ross Taylor Source:

  3. "We were quite close on Liam and Seb a couple of weeks ago," McLeish told the Daily Mirror. "I'm sure the guys will get a fair offer each, certainly money I could only have dreamed of when I was a player. I got my fiver rise at Aberdeen and...
    on Apr 1, 2010 By: Alex McLeish Source: SkySports

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