fitly fitly


  • (adv) in an appropriate manner


  1. One of the jokes of his speech fitly typifies the condition of the Negro race.
  2. This year's message might fitly have been described as the closing gun of the campaign of 1936.
  3. The word would fitly decorate one of those ladies who must have their hair in the hue of a blanched almond.


  • Fitly’s pilot program takes on childhood obesity epidemic

    American children are getting fatter. Fitly launched its pilot program today that takes on the childhood obesity epidemic by making it easier for families to eat healthy. Parents subscribe to Fitly’s weekly healthy meal planner and choose from a list of nutritious meals. They can order their groceries through Fitly’s website, and Fitly sends the [...]
    on July 4, 2013     Source: MedCity News

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