fieriness fieriness


  1. (n) the heat or the color of fire
  2. (n) a passionate and quick-tempered nature


  1. And the vindaloo, the dish that, to foreigners, epitomizes the fieriness of Indian cooking, was brought to Goa by its Portuguese conquerors; the name comes from carne de vinho e .
  2. The Crucible (by Arthur Miller) shows more fieriness of purpose than of vision.
  3. The French, they are a funny race, according to Fielding, with a schizophrenic "conflict between generosity and niggardliness, idealism and cynicism, fieriness and apathy .


  • "The rain has taken some of the fieriness out of the course, but it's not easy," said Darren Clarke, who shot 70.
    on Apr 8, 2004 By: Darren Clarke Source: USA Today

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