fevered fevered  /ˈfi vərd/


  • (adj) highly excited


  1. The most fevered followers of Allen's organizational methodology gather online.
  2. In a heartbeat, hundreds of stories full of fevered theorizing gushed forth in the press.
  3. As he prepares for his swan song, it's the iPhone's wizardry--not his--that's stirring up the fevered anticipation usually reserved for a summer blockbuster.


  • Deadline Awards Watch With Pete Hammond, Episode 30

    Listen to (and share) episode 30 of our audio podcast Deadline Awards Watch With Pete Hammond . Deadline’s awards columnist talks with host David Bloom about the fevered campaign attending the opening week of Emmy nominations voting; Behind The Candelabra , The Bible and other contenders for Emmy Best Movie or Miniseries; Mel Brooks and his AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ; and the week’s notable ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Deadline Hollywood


  1. "The whole experience was surreal. It was a fevered dream," O'Brien told The Associated Press in a phone interview.
    on Mar 9, 2006 By: Conan O Brien Source: FOXNews

  2. "It is pure hogwash. It is a take-off from a Harry Potter plot and has no bearing with reality. It is a product of a fevered imagination," Pimentel said Thursday.
    on Dec 24, 2004 By: Aquilino Pimentel Jr Source: Sun.Star

  3. "The much-publicized dissidence, or alleged opposition in Cuba, exists only in the fevered minds of the Cuban-American mafia and the bureaucrats in the White House," Castro said to resounding applause.
    on Jul 29, 2005 By: Fidel Castro Source: CubaNet

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