fettered fettered  /ˈfɛ tərd/


  • (adj) bound by chains fastened around the ankles


  1. Businesses are less fettered than they were when liberalization began 15 years ago, but some parts of the economy remain subject to the old restrictions.
  2. This novel goes beyond a mere retelling of history to show how the fettered human spirit can splinter into murderous rage when it is goaded beyond endurance.
  3. The government intends to stop subsidizing most companies, a crucial step toward less fettered enterprise, though the timetable is unclear.


  • From Spectator to Instigator; Mario Gotze Ready to Lead Bayern Munich in London

    Hidden sheepishly under an oversized snapback in his seat at Wembley last May, it seemed like Mario Gotze didn’t know where to put himself. Watching his soon-to-be-ex club Borussia Dortmund take on his next club Bayern Munich in the 2013 Champions League final­­­—a match he sat out due to injury—German football’s young star was strangely fettered on this most emotional of occasions. When Ilkay ...
    on February 18, 2014     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. "The benign prerogative of pardoning should be as little as possible fettered or embarrassed," Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist No.
    on Mar 25, 2007 By: Alexander Hamilton Source: New York Times

  2. "I think of the experience of Muslims living in Europe who are subject to varied and continuous expressions of Islamophobia. I think of Christians living within some Muslim nations, who find themselves fettered by harsh and degrading restrictions,...
    on Mar 21, 2006 By: Prince Charles Source: Middle East Online

  3. Shadow justice secretary Nick Herbert said of the fraud sentencing proposals: "Crimes of dishonesty where the most vulnerable are preyed upon should be treated seriously by the courts. Judges' discretion to jail con men should not be fettered,...
    on Aug 16, 2007 By: Nick Herbert Source: 24dash.com

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