fetishize fetishize


  • (v) make a fetish of


  1. We have plenty of reasons to fetishize our food not the least being that we've always had so much of it.
  2. While most of our popular entertainment encourages us to romanticize and fetishize being 17, Tom invites us to sit at the adult table.
  3. Some design shows fetishize houses and ignore the residents; others, like Extreme Makeover, are all about tear-jerking stories.


  • Theater Review: The Miraculous Fun Home

    Musical-theater training programs fetishize the “I Want” song — the number that comes soon after the opening of many shows and lays out the protagonist’s predicament. (Think of “Something’s Coming” in West Side Story or “The Wizard and I” in Wicked.) It says everything about the intelligence behind the new ... More »        
    on October 23, 2013     Source: Vulture

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