fallibility fallibility  /ˌfæ lɪ ˈbɪ lɪ ti/


  • (n) the likelihood of making errors


  1. And the non-super fallibility of these average people discovering their above-average powers gives the show much of its appeal.
  2. It's a video podcast called Crash Test Kitchen, and it's their sheer fallibility, their humanity, that makes the thing work.
  3. His mixture of affability and fallibility makes for a potent blend: Chan is the rogue as nobleman, the everyman-king.


  • First Family

    Rent It THE MOVIE: First Family is a movie that came at the wrong time. Released in 1980, Buck Henry's satire about the fallibility of men in power takes the occasional sharp jab at the privileged and the entitled, but it lacks a certain cruelty that one would have expected had it been made immediately after Nixon's impeachment or somewhere in the midst of Reaganomics. First Family is more like ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: DVD Talk

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