faintness faintness  /ˈfeɪnt nəs/


  1. (n) a feeling of faintness and of being ready to swoon
  2. (n) the property of being without strength
  3. (n) barely audible
  4. (n) the trait of lacking boldness and courage
  5. (n) the quality of being dim or lacking contrast



  1. But the faintness of that praise contains at least a hint of disappointment.
  2. The Democratic candidate gave us in his recent San Francisco speech a dismaying example of this faintness of heart, this curiously defensive way of thinking.
  3. Doctors have long been as puzzled as their patients have been alarmed when some unaccustomed exercise causes not only numbness in an arm but faintness and even temporary blindness.


  1. Well, in his Fourth Inaugural Speech Jan. 20, 1945, former US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt said "we may make mistakes, but they must never be mistakes which result from faintness of heart or abandonment of moral principles."
    on Mar 18, 2008 By: Franklin D Roosevelt Source: AllAfrica.com

  2. Beyond that there could be scores of dwarf-planet-sized bodies beyond roughly 100 AU from the sun "that nobody had seen before due to their faintness and slow motion," said astronomer Chad Trujillo at Gemini Observatory in Hawaii. "Even a...
    on Dec 31, 2007 By: Chad Trujillo Source: USA Today

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