facetiously facetiously  /fə ˈsi ʃəs li/


  • (adv) not seriously



  1. Charles Laughton, not altogether facetiously, suggested that Jean Harlow would make an ideal Carroll heroine.
  2. He was, said Hitler, half-facetiously refusing him permission to make soapbox speeches, ''too much of a swell.
  3. In fact, Haig had facetiously suggested that Vice President George Bush, another sometime adversary, might be the best man to take charge of selling the sale.


  • No Doctor Who For Peter Jackson

    Teaser It was reported some time ago that Peter Jackson facetiously offered to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson, an A-list filmmaker who can command tens of millions of dollars to direct a feature, claimed all he wanted to helm a Doctor Who episode was a Tardis, which is a hell of a bargain if you ask us. read more        
    on August 27, 2013     Source: TG Daily


  1. "I'm aware that they have people in the franchise who have discussed this selection method, not including Polynesians, particularly across the academy," Haden told Newstalk ZB. "Whilst somewhat facetiously I said it was in writing and...
    on May 27, 2010 By: Andy Haden Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. "This is something that saves lives," Heitkamp said of tobacco prevention. "I kind of facetiously say, 'How many people died because you didn't have a water project?'"
    on Apr 15, 2008 By: Heidi Heitkamp Source: Dickinson Press

  3. Bacon says, "Of course I'd like more recognition. And of course I'd rather have an Oscar than not. Year after year I've seen this season come and go - this club of which I am not a member. I facetiously call it the bitter season, and there have been...
    on Jan 28, 2005 By: Kevin Bacon Source: Contactmusic.com

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