extroversion extroversion


  • (n) (psychology) an extroverted disposition; concern with what is outside the self


  1. His orthodox theology is tempered by extroversion and charisma, a stark contrast to his predecessor, whom New York City Catholics widely viewed as distant.
  2. What makes this sudden extroversion so fascinating is that China, from its earliest times, has been largely obscured to outside view and comprehension.
  3. The man who caused this commotion is an Australian citizen with a sharp chin, a penchant for maroon bow ties, and a salesman's exuberance and extroversion.



  1. "Health risk factors differentiated adult video game players from nonplayers," Weaver said in a statement. "Video game players also reported lower extroversion, consistent with research on adolescents that linked video game playing to a...
    on Aug 19, 2009 By: James Weaver Source: CNET News

  2. Bakoyannis said that Greece's foreign policy was exercised with "extroversion and national self-confidence", while Greece and the United States were linked by close, long-standing and strategic ties.
    on Sep 26, 2008 By: Dora Bakoyannis Source: ANA

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