extractable extractable


  • (adj) capable of being extracted


  1. Moreover, gas reserves are estimated to disappear within 66 years, but proven, extractable coal reserves could last for up to 200.
  2. It means oil that has already been identified as extractable.
  3. Nuclear fusion, in which light atoms of hydrogen, extractable from sea water, are fused to provide energy, is likely to remain an elusive dream for the remainder of the century.


  • Encapsulant/Adhesive suits printer head, circuit assembly jobs.

    Exhibiting fracture toughness as well as chemical resistance to inks, 357-284 Wire Bond Encapsulant and Flexible Circuit Bonding Adhesive is designed to protect wire bonds and reduce stresses associated with thermal cycling. Product adheres to flexible circuits, FR4, and metal substrates and meets circuit assembly and semiconductor standards for ionic cleanliness (extractable ions) to prevent ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: ThomasNet


  • "So they are," said Joe. "They're terrific. But they're not extractable."
    on Feb 10, 2006 By: Joseph Papp Source: guardian.co.uk

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