exportable exportable  /ɛk ˈspɔr tə bəl/


  • (adj) suitable for export


  1. He hails jobs in new energy economy, calling them good, high-paying jobs, the vast majority of which are not exportable.
  2. Then the Corporation would take over all Brazil's exportable surpluses: coffee, cotton, etc.
  3. And Australia, still four months from harvest, was put down for an exportable surplus of only 70,000,000 bu.



  1. "Classical music has a power, a power to change human beings," Dudamel said. "And that's exportable to the entire world."
    on Jun 25, 2008 By: Gustavo Dudamel Source: Forbes

  2. "There are a lot of uncertainties of what 2009 will bring for US commodities, world economic growth, oil prices and finical turnaround. The downturn in total world trade and increase in exportable supplies in countries like Russia, the United...
    on Feb 9, 2009 By: Erick Erickson Source: AgWeb

  3. "Our aim is to do films that are exportable and that bring in an audience," Kramer says. "Genre films -- terror, comedy, police, science fiction and others -- they work in the whole world."
    on Dec 21, 2007 By: Oscar Kramer Source: Variety

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