explicable explicable  /ɛks ˈplɪ kə bəl/


  • (adj) capable of being explicated or accounted for


  1. What's going on here is all perfectly explicable--the machine is sensing and reacting to subtle shifts in my balance--but for the moment I am slack-jawed, baffled.
  2. An air of undefined menace begins to steal over the group, especially after Odile, for no explicable reason, yields to Yvan.
  3. In other words--not explicable at all, in the traditional sci-fi sense.


  • Messier Monday: A baby open cluster in the galactic plane, M21 [Starts With A Bang]

    “New stars offer to the mind a phenomenon more surprising, and less explicable, than almost any other in the science of astronomy.” -George Adams Welcome back to another Messier Monday here on Starts With A Bang! The Messier catalogue was the very first accurate deep-sky catalogue with over 100 objects, finally topping out with 110…
    on June 25, 2013     Source: ScienceBlogs


  1. "Any plans to bring the NATO infrastructure closer to our borders prompts an absolutely understandable, explicable concern," Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said, according to the Interfax news agency.
    on Dec 10, 2003 By: Sergei Ivanov Source: USA Today

  2. Dawkins adds: "And that designer could well be a higher intelligence from elsewhere in the universe. But that higher intelligence would itself have had to come about by some explicable or ultimately explicable process. You couldn't have just jumped...
    on Apr 15, 2008 By: Richard Dawkins Source: Florida Baptist Witness

  3. In order to cut the tax, Mr. Tory said revenue would rise dramatically during the last two years for "no explicable reason," the Liberal official said.
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: John Tory Source: Globe and Mail

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