exobiology exobiology


  • (n) the branch of biology concerned with the effects of outer space on living organisms and the search for extraterrestrial life



  1. Cady is one of the leading lights in a brightening field known as astro- or exobiologythe study of how life could form elsewhere in the universe.
  2. But Cornell University Astronomer Carl Sagan, exobiology's most energetic and articulate spokesman, was less easily discouraged.
  3. Sir There is nothing in exobiology or any other real science that should throw any Catholic theologian into a tizzy.


  • ROSES-14 Amendment 8: Change in due dates for C.15, Planetary Protection Research

    Planetary protection involves preventing biological contamination on both outbound and sample return missions to other planetary bodies. Numerous areas of research in astrobiology/exobiology are improving our understanding of the potential for survival of Earth microbes in extraterrestrial environments, relevant to preventing contamination of other bodies by organisms carried on spacecraft.
    on March 20, 2014     Source: SpaceRef

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