exhibitionistic exhibitionistic


  • (adj) compulsively attracting attention to yourself especially by public exposure or exaggerated behavior


  1. Swing, too, has become commercialized, tricky, exhibitionistic.
  2. All this may sound a little contrived and a lot exhibitionistic.
  3. The Pontiff proceeded to explain that he was not, in principle, opposed to athletics but that when competitions became too exhibitionistic, he felt compelled to frown.


  • M.E.’s finding: L.E.S. Jewels died of head injuries

    BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | The city’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner has completed its investigation into the death of Joel Pakela, a.k.a. L.E.S. Jewels — and, despite Jewels’s well-known abuse of alcohol and drugs, neither was the cause of his death. A charismatic and exhibitionistic, but sometimes violent, homeless punk who hung around Tompkins Square read more here »
    on December 20, 2013     Source: The Villager

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