europeanize europeanize


  1. (v) make (continental) European in customs, character, or ideas
  2. (v) denationalize and subject (a territory) to the supervision of an agency of a European community of nations



  1. "We should not try to Europeanize an African World Cup," said Sepp Blatter, president of soccer's international governing body. "Vuvuzelas, drums and singing are part of African football culture. It is part of their celebration. Let them blow...
    on Jun 19, 2010 By: Sepp Blatter Source: Hamilton Spectator

  2. "Pushing back these efforts to basically Europeanize America will not be easy," McConnell said. "It will require a committed effort on the part of everyone in this room. It will require carrying our message to those who have left our party...
    on Feb 27, 2009 By: Mitch McConnell Source:

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