erratic erratic  /ɪ ˈræ tɪk/


  1. (adj) liable to sudden unpredictable change
  2. (adj) having no fixed course
  3. (adj) likely to perform unpredictably


  1. Fussy, erratic and arbitrary, the headstrong soprano has infuriated colleagues and administrators and crossed swords with functionaries and hapless hoteliers across the globe.
  2. Keep pets and domestic animals, with their erratic movements, out of the water.
  3. But he has exhibited erratic behavior since then: in October 2004 he shut down his office for almost a month, citing an unspecified terrorist threat.


  1. East Lake tries to move on after turmoil

    While still dealing with infighting and an independent discrimination investigation, East Lake Fire Rescue is trying to move past the alleged racial slurs and erratic governance that earned the department negative headlines and landed it in legal hot water.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: St. Petersburg Times Blogs

  2. Sangre Chronicle > News > Whites Peak fire near Cimarron shows ‘erratic’ behavior Sunday

    Firefighters battling the now 1,167-acre Whites Peak wildfire burning south of Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron reported “erratic fire behavior” in a statement released at about 11 a.m. Sunday (June 16).
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Sangre de Christo Chronicle

  3. Police: Trooper fatally shoots New Bedford man in Quincy

    A 41-year-old man was shot and killed Friday by a veteran state trooper responding to a report of an erratic driver who may have had a medical emergency, state police said.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: FOX 25 Boston


  1. "Greg played very solid golf and I played very erratic golf," said Mickelson, who was attempting to win a regular tour event outside the United States for the first time. "I made birdies and bogeys and he just played steady and ultimately...
    on Jul 15, 2007 By: Phil Mickelson Source: Reuters India

  2. "The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine," Cochran said about McCain by phone. "He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me."
    on Jan 27, 2008 By: Thad Cochran Source: Washington Post

  3. America cannot afford the "kind of erratic and uncertain leadership" offered by John McCain, his Democratic rival Barack Obama said yesterday.
    on Oct 9, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: Irish Independent

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