enigmatical enigmatical


  • (adj) not clear to the understanding



  1. His eyebrows lifted just a little and on his lips rested the enigmatical smile that Leonardo da Vinci immortalized on Giaconda.
  2. In the air, lying between the Residency at Cairo and Downing Street, a stream of dots and dashes spelt enigmatical words which were decoded rapidly by experts.
  3. And so the years wore on, this strange, enigmatical woman shaping her plots and counterplots, bolstering all that was vigorous in British government and culture.


  • Author Mary Noailles Murfree, who spent most of her life in Tennessee, wrote this passage in her 1886 book In the Clouds: "But when asked what she was talking about she would only reply in enigmatical phrase, 'Laros to ketch meddlers.' And shake her...
    on Mar 14, 2009 By: Mary Noailles Murfree Source: Globe and Mail

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