emulsify emulsify


  1. (v) cause to become an emulsion; make into an emulsion
  2. (v) form into or become an emulsion


Derived Word(s)


  1. Cottell reasoned that so powerful a tool could be used to emulsify materials that had been too tough to be broken down by his earlier invention.
  2. Why, he asked, did red beets emulsify so much more easily than anything else he's used in the kitchen.
  3. King Alexander, in a word, was attempting to re-emulsify two factions as mutually repellent as oil and water.


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    Great Clips Hair Salon www.greatclips.com Styles: Bradley Cooper “messy faux hawk”: Use more of a matte to low shine finishing product (paste, cream, or fiber, for example). Using about a dime size, emulsify the product in your hand to equally …
    on March 12, 2014     Source: WGN TV Chicago

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