embroiled embroiled  /ɛmb ˈrɔ ɪld/


  • (adj) deeply involved especially in something complicated


  1. He left in 2004 with the company embroiled in an accounting scandal just as it was beginning to make big investments in subprime mortgage securities that would later sour.
  2. Now the Chagras, sons of a Lebanese merchant, are embroiled in one of the most publicized trials in Texas history.
  3. Austrian Coach at Center of Doping Drama; The alpine nation finds itself embroiled in Torino 2006's edition of the inevitable Olympic doping saga.


  1. Letter: Scandals destroy trust in government

    Politicians are embroiled in one scandalous issue after another.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Norwich Bulletin

  2. The moralistic state

    In May 1918, with America embroiled in the First World War, Iowa's Gov. William Lloyd Harding dealt a blow against Germany. His Babel Proclamation - that was its title; you cannot make this stuff up - decreed: "Conversation in public places, on trains, and over the telephone should be in the English language." The proscription included church services, funerals, and pretty much everything else.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

  3. Flaunting wealth

    Embroiled by multiple scandals — Benghazi, IRS, Justice Department, NSA and the EPA — that he claims he found out about like everybody else did, by reading the newspapers, President Obama is going to
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Topsail Voice


  1. In February 2008, during his presidential campaign, Obama described the Guantanamo trials as "a flawed military commission system that has failed to convict any one of a terrorist act since the 9/11 attacks and that has been embroiled in legal...
    on May 14, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: FOXNews

  2. "We believe as ODM that given a good chance, we can get out of the quagmire that our country is embroiled in," ODM MP William Ruto told KTN television afterwards.
    on Jan 23, 2008 By: William Ruto Source: BBC News

  3. "This nation, once embroiled in sectarian strife and violence is moving toward a lasting security and prosperity with a government that represents the interest of every member of the community in Iraq, because until they get that straight -- and...
    on Jul 4, 2010 By: Joe Biden Source: The Hill

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