embezzler embezzler  /ɪm ˈbɛ zə lər/


  • (n) someone who violates a trust by taking (money) for his own use



  1. According to the Supreme Court, an embezzler must pay taxes on what he steals.
  2. But he has a great name for a cashier and an embezzler: Nickel.
  3. However, Mitsotakis' gift may come with a condition attached: the return to Greece of accused embezzler George Koskotas, now in a Massachusetts prison.


  • LeRoy celebration remembers Cy Thomson, Oakdale Park

    “Oak Dale Memories,” a celebration of the legacy of Hormel Foods embezzler Cy Thomson and memories of Oak Dale Park, will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday at the LeRoy Community Center. Eileen Evans, coordinator of the event, set it up to give people an opportunity to come together and share memories of picnics, playing ball [...]
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Austin Daily Herald


  1. "I have been horribly defamed, and I have been characterized and stigmatized as an embezzler," Black said in the third day of trial in Hollinger International's lawsuit against him. "I am trying, apart from the direct legal proceedings, to...
    on Feb 20, 2004 By: Conrad Black Source: Bloomberg

  2. Yet, "before the war, Karadzic was a nonentity," says Bosnian historian Marko Attila Hoare. "He was an embezzler, an opportunist. He has nothing to say, makes no intellectual contributions. His background is primitive."
    on Nov 3, 2009 By: Attila the Hun Source: Christian Science Monitor

  3. Vito Ciancimino, described by the Mafioso Tommaso Buscetta as "a pushy Corleonese embezzler", made a vast fortune in bribes.
    on Jun 9, 2006 By: Vito Ciancimino Source: Independent

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