elongation elongation  /ˌi lɔŋ ˈɡeɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) the quality of being elongated
  2. (n) an addition to the length of something
  3. (n) the act of lengthening something


  1. Its hallmarks were the extreme grace and elongation of the figures and their twisting, flamelike pose, known as the figura serpentinata.
  2. He thought of a soap bubble's elongation when its iridescent membrane is drawn swiftly through the air by a child.
  3. In a punishment crueler even than nasal elongation, the snappers all filed a single picture for the front pages one with Benigni's face obliterated.


  • Spurs' Parker says he hopes to play Game 4

    SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker says his sore right hamstring has a "slight elongation" and that he hopes to play in Game 4 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat on Thursday night.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Everett Herald


  1. "We have seen how tinkering with the constitution to allow for tenure elongation in some African countries led to sit-tight dictatorships," Atiku told supporters at a rally on Thursday, later rebroadcast on state radio.
    on Apr 15, 2006 By: Atiku Abubakar Source: Turkish Daily News (subscription)

  2. "Legs, lower back, stuff like that," Mickelson said. "It has helped the elongation through motion. It's like a pitcher when he throws. He can't get his arms into certain positions statically when he throws a baseball. It's the same thing,...
    on May 6, 2008 By: Phil Mickelson Source: Tampa Tribune

  3. Gani said: "Obi should have filed a petition, having been disqualified, to the Election Petition Tribunal in Awka, praying the Tribunal amongst other reliefs, for tenure elongation since the Constitution in Section 285 has vested in that Tribunal...
    on Jul 5, 2007 By: Gani Fawehinmi Source: AllAfrica.com

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