elector elector


  1. (n) a citizen who has a legal right to vote
  2. (n) any of the German princes who were entitled to vote in the election of new emperor of the Holy Roman Empire


  1. No elector has dared or chosen to break his pledge since 1796 when Samuel Miles, a Federalist elector in Pennsylvania, voted for Thomas Jefferson instead of John Adams.
  2. One Cardinal elector said many of the 20-member Latin American bloc closely aligned with the German's traditionalist stance arrived intent on getting Ratzinger elected.
  3. An elector is chosen for every electoral vote available to a state.


  • Sway Outcome

    Republicans sued last year over the law, arguing that NOTC could siphon votes from a disgruntled electorate and sway the outcome of a close 2012 presidential and Nevada U.S. Senate race.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Metropolitan News-Enterprise


  1. "I think it should be resolved. The duty is in the Electoral College. Every Obama elector that is committed to casting a vote on the 15th of December, they have a constitutional duty to make certain whether Mr. Obama is a natural-born citizen,"...
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: Herb Titus Source: Huffington Post (blog)

  2. Wealden MP Charles Hendry, whose expenses were £138,655, said, "Last year my expenses worked out at £1.65 per elector - those on the electoral roll - and £1.30 per Wealden constituent. Wealden is one of the biggest constituencies in the south...
    on Nov 5, 2007 By: Charles Hendry Source: Bexhill Observer

  3. "Oklahoma law requires anyone who circulates a petition be a qualified elector; that means a US citizen over the age of 18 and a resident of Oklahoma," said Attorney General Drew Edmondson, whose office oversees the multicounty grand jury....
    on Oct 3, 2007 By: Drew Edmondson Source: Tulsa World

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