electioneer electioneer  /ɪ ˌlɛk ʃə ˈnɪr/


  • (v) work actively for a political candidate or a party


  1. The election was for the local Diet, but Chancellor Heinrich Bruning of all Germany went out to electioneer against the Fascists.
  2. As students at the famed University of Glasgow prepared to elect their Lord Rector, no less a quipster than George Bernard Shaw drew his quill as an electioneer.
  3. His energetic young son James went out to electioneer.


  • "When corporations use other people's money to electioneer, that is a harm not just to the shareholders themselves but a sort of a broader harm to the public that comes from distortion of the electioneering that is done by corporations," Kagan...
    on May 10, 2010 By: Elena Kagan Source: Center for Responsive Politics

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