eldritch eldritch  /ˈɛld rɪtʃ/


  • (adj) suggesting the operation of supernatural influences



  1. She taught, by example, what a lady was: a vessel of grace and gravity, ready wit, eldritch charm: a woman whose greatest discretion was to hide her awareness of her splendor.
  2. But Star Wars gave a high-tech polish to the rustic hardware, a kick to the old eldritch machinery.
  3. Many things go into the making of a movie classic, but Alfred Hitchcock's timeless thriller is inseparable in our memory from Bernard Hermann's eldritch, bump-in-the-night score.


  • Lovecraft, 'Minecraft': Ex-'BioShock' Dev Goes Indie with Roguelike 'Eldritch'

    As the name suggests, "Eldritch" takes the Deep Ones and Shoggoths of H. P. Lovecraft and plops them in the chunky, cubic voxelated dungeons of the modern roguelike. Armed with a dagger, a revolver, and a handful of spells and incantations, it's the player's job to survive without getting his consciousness boiled down to goo [...]
    on September 11, 2013     Source: MTV

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