effortlessness effortlessness


  • (n) the quality of requiring little effort


  1. Al has the same effortlessness, the same grace, the same wit, and that lighter-than-air quality.
  2. Whistler drove himself mercilessly until all evidences of his technique were submerged in the appearance of effortlessness.
  3. Lancaster's ebullient stunts, their seeming spontaneity and gleeful effortlessness, made him seem like a scruffier, scrappier Douglas Fairbanks.


  • The Art of the Fair

    At first glance, you wouldn’t be the first to mistake photographer Bruce Reinfeld’s photos for a casual Instagram shot, which is ironic because his style, he says, is largely a response to the ease and effortlessness often found in digital photography today; he calls it an “analog style for a digital world.”
    on July 17, 2013     Source: Detroit Metro Times


  1. "The effortlessness, that restraint and underplaying, under-singing -- it was just very powerful," says Beck, part of a younger generation of musicians who have taken a shine to Cale. "The power of doing less and holding back in a song, I've...
    on Feb 23, 2009 By: Beck Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Waterhouse wrote in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry for Jeffrey Bernard: "The apparent effortlessness of his work led many to think it was produced by instinct, that Bernard was the writing equivalent of a naïve painter. In fact...
    on Sep 4, 2009 By: Keith Waterhouse Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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