eavesdropper eavesdropper


  • (n) a secret listener to private conversations


  1. His alleged taped conversation with Shakeel sounds innocuous; it would put anyone but a government eavesdropper to sleep.
  2. First major witness was Atlanta Insurance Salesman George Burnett, who claimed to have been an accidental eavesdropper on a pregame phone call between Butts and Bryant.
  3. This electronic eavesdropper listens simultaneously to the talk on the cable's 48 channels, sampling each of them 8,000 times per second.


  1. Keep opportunity’s door open

    Normally I’m not an eavesdropper, but I couldn’t help but listen to two conversations about careers.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: The Palm Beach Post

  2. What an eavesdropper sees when you use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot

    Eavesdroppers can capture information traveling over...
    on June 29, 2013     Source: MacDailyNews

  3. Here's what an eavesdropper sees when you use an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot

    You’ve probably read at least one story with warnings about using unsecure public Wi-Fi hotspots , so you know that eavesdroppers can capture information traveling over those networks. But nothing gets the point across as effectively as seeing the snooping in action. So I parked myself at my local coffee shop the other day to soak up the airwaves and see what I could see. My intent wasn't to ...
    on June 28, 2013     Source: PC World

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