earthborn earthborn


  1. (adj) of earthly origin (as mortals are)
  2. (adj) springing from or born on the earth
  3. (adj) connected with earthly life; of earthly origin


  1. To escape the pull of gravity, an earthborn body would have to take off at terrific speed.
  2. The seaborne women settled down on the land while the earthborn men roamed the oceans and found other mates in foreign parts.
  3. The obvious contrast between earthborn Billy and skyborne Kes is stressed to the breaking point and beyond.


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    6 p.m. The semi-pro South Bay Crew football team meets at Earthborn Industries in North Redondo. There’s an air of excitement. The team’s maiden game is tomorrow and the Daily Breeze’s Chris Mortenson has written a long, positive column about the team in today’s paper.
    on August 10, 2013     Source: Easy Reader

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