dustman dustman  /ˈdəst mən/


  • (n) someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse


  1. Like Eliza Doolittle with her dustman dad, Xiaochun risks estrangement from his father as Jiang and then Yu assume the job of nurturing the boy's talent.
  2. As usual, it was a thoroughly representative assembly, ranging from Prince and Duke to peddler and dustman.
  3. Charlie Evans, Cockney dustman, plugged steadily at his job of collecting garbage in Chelsea borough.


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  1. Ms Goldie said that, under the local income tax, those whose earnings came from bank interest and shares would pay nothing, adding: "Under the Scottish national income tax, the dustman will pay but the duke will not."
    on Mar 13, 2008 By: Goldie Source: BBC News

  2. Asked if she was worth the money, Kaplinsky said: "Five seem to think I am, but, no, how can anybody justify that? A dustman is worth £1m for cleaning up the rubbish, as far as I'm concerned, and a doctor is worth £20m for saving someone's life....
    on Feb 11, 2008 By: Natasha Kaplinsky Source: Independent

  3. "I could have got more money being a dustman going down the Marylebone Road than I did playing cricket," Snow said. "I remember when we had to play an extra Test match in 1970-71 in Melbourne and we talked about refusing to play. Donald...
    on Dec 27, 2005 By: John Snow Source: Independent

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