dust-covered dust-covered


  • (adj) covered with a layer of dust


  1. An uncontrolled gold rush turns into a government project Deep in Brazil's Amazon jungle, thousands of dust-covered laborers swarm over a mountain of red earth, using.
  2. Above her, the sun shines through a latticework of broken boards that was once the roof and onto a dust-covered china closet.
  3. The vertical struts which once faced the soaring outer walls of the World Trade Center towers are the only thing left standing behind a dust-covered bus stop and subway entrance.


  • Secret stash of classic cars to be auctioned off

    An abandoned auto dealership in Nebraska houses a collection of dust-covered vintage vehicles, many of which have never been driven. Report courtesy KTIV.
    on July 28, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS


  • When representatives of the ascetic sect that Siddhartha joins appear for the first time, Hesse writes: "One day, Samanas passed through Siddhartha's town: ascetic pilgrims, three gaunt lifeless men, neither old nor young, with bloody, dust-covered...
    on Aug 4, 2006 By: Hermann Hesse Source: Wall Street Journal

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