duralumin duralumin


  • (n) an aluminum-based alloy


  1. All the furniture is old except a new duralumin lamp upon the desk.
  2. He fitted himself with a pair of four-pound, duralumin, flexible-jointed legs designed by the brothers Desoutter, one of whom also lost a limb in an air crash.
  3. The cellophane coating on every duralumin girder of the Akron's framework, wherever it is touched by the envelope.


  • Restoring the scars on a warplane's spars

    Spars of a Mitsubishi Zero. The spars of a Mitsubishi Zero are a nightmare to a warbird restorer. Made of Extra Super Duralumin, an aluminum alloy, the spars are light and strong but very susceptible to the elements and corrosion.
    on April 17, 2014     Source: Everett Herald

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